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      Guangzhou Uniasia CosmeticTechnology Co., Ltd. is located at the Science City in Guangzhou High-tech Industry Development zone, and is a comprehensive beautification cosmetic enterprise that integrates research, development, production, sale, training, service and so on. Its registered capital is USD80 million. Presently, the Company owns five brands, namely Meifubao, Franic, YOUYA, Seeyoung and MOR. The products categories cover skin cleaning, skin care, colored make-up, hair washing, hair care and so on. Uniasia Company owns extensive distribution network, and has a lot of sales offices covering many large cities in China, and has established the brand special counter at the supermarkets, KA malls, department stores, cosmetic shops, beauty parlors.

     Since its establishment, Uniasia Group always persists in the strategic goals of “being the champion product and creating the world famous brand”, takes science and technology orientation, takes quality as the core, continuously develops the natural, safe and effective beautification products. The Company has established sound organizational framework and management system, introduced large ERP software management platform and barcode management system, established the systematic, procedural and institutional, efficient management system. The enterprise has obtained such honorable titles as “class A labor security. Good faith enterprise”, “taxpayer with class A tax payment credit rating”, “excellent and pilot enterprise for quality and service good faith and promise in China”, “high-tech enterprise”, “AAAA certification for standard and fine behavior enterprise”, “innovative enterprise in Guangzhou City”, “famous brand product in Guangdong Province” and so on; has obtained certifications of “GB/T19022-2003/ISO10012:2003 measurement management system”, “ISO:9001:2008 quality management system”, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system.


In 2008, Uniasia Group invested USD9.50 million and built up the phase-I industrial park of Uniasia Group (building area: 44,798m²). Such industrial park owns 9 modern production lines, have the conditions for producing different kinds of cream and paste, washing care and beautification and cosmetic products, and the annual productivity can reach 100 million pieces. The factory has passed such international certifications as ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system, and has been listed as the key visit and examination enterprise by the state, provincial and municipal quality supervision and drug inspection departments for several times. Heads of the departments and bureau and relevant enterprises (including foreign-funded enterprises) in the industry were organized to visit the production flow lines of Uniasia Group on the spot. The production and quality management of Uniasia Group has won high remarks from the visitors.


       In 2011, Uniasia Group increased new investment of USD13.00 million to build the new Uniasia phase-II Cosmetic Research Institute (building area: 26,712m²), which is called as “one of the largest cosmetic research and development centers in Asia”.In the Research Institute, there are such precision apparatuses and equipments, such as GS-MS, HPLC, VISIA skin image analyzer, sunscreen coefficient analysis system, skin melanin/haem tester, MTT175 hair tester and so on, the software and hardware strength has reached the leading level in Asia. Presently, Uniasia Group has obtained 82 patents, It has established the first cosmetic academician workstation in China-Guangdong Uniasia Daily-use Chemical, Beautification and Cosmetic Academician Workstation, has successfully obtained approval for such projects as high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Chinese Traditional Medicine Daily-use Chemicals (Uniasia) Engineering Technical Research Center, Guangzhou Municipal-level enterprise technical center, Guangzhou innovation type enterprise and so on. Such scientific results completed by the Company as research and application of the all-band, low irritation and ultraviolet resistant key technology in cosmetic, R & D of anti-aging cosmetic based on biological polypeptide key technology, preparation of the Chinese medicine moisture-keeping and anti-aging ingredient and applied research in cosmetic, applied research on liquid crystal emulsification technology in cosmetic, vegetable bitty cream simulating the gel technology and so on have reached the leading level in China, and have won one second and two third prizes of scientific advancement.


       In 2011, Uniasia Group made another investment of USD57.50 million, and build phase-III industrial park of Uniasia Group (building area: 110,183m²). The base mainly produces washing care, colored make-up and other daily-use chemicals, and has been put into operation presently. The phase-III production base will provide the platform for realizing the mass industrialization of the research and development result of Uniasia Research Institute, and provide the more sound future for brand growth.

       With fast growth of the enterprise, Uniasia Group positively participates in the public welfare business. To make up the regret that there is no the platform for displaying beautification and make-up culture in China, Uniasia Group has made great investment to found “Guangdong Uniasia Beautification and Cosmetic Museum” that is the first in China and the second in the World. Since establishment of the museum, it has received many visitors at home and abroad, played the positive role for carrying forward Chinese traditional beautification and make-up culture, and has been appraised as the “ patriotic education base in Guangzhou City” by Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and has been appraised as the “the teenager and youth scientific generalization education base in Luogang District, Guangzhou City” by Guangzhou Development Zone Luogang District Science and Technology Association and education bureau of Luogang District. In 2012, Meifubao, a brand of Uniasia Group, obtained the naming right and sponsored “315 evening party” of CCTV, and expressed the will and decision that Uniasia Group really focuses on customers’ demand and positively undertakes the social responsibility of the enterprise with the actual behaviors to the people. At that year, the Company and the Central Youth League Committee jointly started the project of “base for the youth to make employment, business initialization and practice”, and provide the practice opportunities for university students on campus, and provide skin training and guidance.